Your Health:Get To The Point

Know Thyself

Do you want to get fit and healthy? Get to know yourself first.  That is the name of the first chapter of my new book coming out in October/November......Your Health: Get to the Point.  Getting to know you is an important start to any health plan.  One that is often overlooked or forgotten.  I am guilty of this as well. Remember you are an individual with individual needs.  Your health and fitness needs are dynamic; they change with your ever changing life.  Being fit and healthy is not a one size fits all plan.

When you are considering a food and exercise plan.  Choose a plan that will fit into your lifestyle.  Don't try to make your life fit into the plan. This just won't work for most women, especially working mothers.

One of the most liberating feelings is when you realize you are an individual with unique needs.

Try to check in with yourself daily, and figure out what it is your body needs. Is of more sleep? Maybe you need to have some more fun. Are you eating enough green foods, or maybe you need more protein?  Maybe you have been burning the candle at both ends, and you just need a day off. Each day can bring you a new challenge. Try to listen to your body's needs despite your busy, overwhelming schedule. Don't sell yourself short, pay attention and listen to your body. We are all human. Recently I've been faced with my own challenges; I have not been getting enough sleep. So I decided to make sure I get more sleep each night and I've been taking naps even if it's just 5 min. which has helped tremendously.

For today, I want you to take some time and think about your eating habits, exercise habits, and sleep habits. Are they all working for your schedule? Are you getting enough protein, vitamins and minerals? If the answer is no, here is a simple easy and tasty way to start your day with L.O.V.E.  This stands for live organic vegan energy. If I can offer you one piece of advice is to make be sure to make the most out of your nutritional choices. I know you're busy so this is a great way to get the most nutrition in an easy yet yummy way.

There are 36 live, natural, organic, vegan ingredients. This is fast, healthy food in a glass. L.O.V.E is seven supplements in one:

  • weight loss
  • protein drink
  • fiber supplement
  • essential fatty acid
  • super antioxidant drink
  • immune support
  • energy drink

L.O.V.E Super meal is only 2.50-3.00 per meal. This is a real bargain when you consider the cost of a fast food meal. Try getting 36 organic ingredients, 20 g of protein, the antioxidants in 10 servings of fruit and vegetables, +9 g of fiber at any restaurant, or even from a meal prepared at home.

I want you to feel the best you can that is why I'm recommending this product. If I find something that works for me, that I love I want to pass this information onto as many women as I can.

If you find yourself in need of energy in the morning you may benefit from this tasty alkalizing the drink.    So what you have to lose except for maybe a few pounds.

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