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Good Mood Food Can Be Healthy

Have you heard the lyric, “its good mood food", and no I am not talking about Arby’s?

If you could eat a single food that was guaranteed to help you to lose fat instantly, and put you in a good mood would you eat it?  I would imagine you would pay big money for that food. Eating for fat loss doesn't have to be difficult or tasteless.

There may not be one magic bullet like that, but there are plenty of food combinations that will improve your health and well-being and help you lose fat at the same time.

Here are 3 foods that will improve your mood, energy and fat burning potential

  1. Legumes: Peas, beans and peanuts are examples of good mood food. They are a great source of magnesium, which plays a big part in energy production. They are filled with vitamins and minerals to improve your metabolism and fill you with healthy protein to help build valuable muscle.
  2. Quinoa: This is a great substitute for white rice, it doesn't cause your blood sugar to fluctuate, and it offers you a straight stream of energy. Quinoa contains all 9 essential amino acids that are crucial for protein synthesis, building more muscle and ultimately increasing  your metabolism.
  3. Green Foods:  Green vegetables and sprouts contains a valuable substance called chlorophyll.  This is thought to be similar to hemoglobin in the blood.

In general "green foods" provide:

  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • substances that have an anti-ulcer effect
  • contain SOD (super oxide dismutase) an extremely powerful "anti-aging" anti-oxidant, and cancer prevention enzyme
  • protection for your blood vessels

and much more!!

The good news is there is an easy, tasty way to obtain all of the vitamin rich super food in one quick meal. It is called L.O.V.E ( live organic vegan energy).

I am so excited to share this product with you.  L.O.V.E contains 12 green foods, 10 vegetables, 9 sprouts and 5 mushrooms.

It is not only very difficult to get all of this nutrition in one meal, that costs less than $3.00 per meal, it may be impossible.

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