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So you want to get fit and healthy and live a more balanced life? Most of us do, we all live in emotionally toxic society that expects women to do it all in very little time. Many of us try to cram work, exercise, eating well, and cooking healthy foods in a brief time. We also want to be perfect wives and mothers. Did you ever say to yourself, or think to yourself "I can't do it all", or "I am just so tired"? I think we all have.

Most women can't handle all the responsibilities they are given therefore something has to suffer. We wonder why we have physical, emotional, and mental breakdowns.

The first part to healing this equation, is recognizing that stress and overload are the underlying problems. We are all guilty of not saying no, not asking for help, not getting enough sleep, and being stressed out.

If I am describing you, please realize only you can make the changes necessary to alter the hormonal collision course you are on.

Women are prone to toxic stress. Women take on more than they should and fail to realize it until it's too late.

An interesting note is that some of the healthiest happiest women are ones who know how to say no. Another interesting fact is some of the women with the biggest hormonal dysfunction are the ones who live lives overloaded with you guessed it, stress.

I am going to give you some of the consequences of a life filled with toxic stress:

  • Excessive Busyness: you may not make time to exercise, this can result in weight gain, emotional, and physical overwhelm. The solution: is to make time to exercise at least 20 to 30 min. every day. Even if it is going for a walk or playing with your kids. Movement is important for stressed-out body.
  • Poor Breakfast: this may result in low blood sugar, causing fatigue and irritability. If you drink coffee, too much caffeine may result in over stimulation of your nervous system, which is not a good thing. The solution: decrease or eliminate caffeine and eat protein with your breakfast in the morning. This will keep your insulin levels were normal for longer periods of time.

Here is a great quick protein shake packed with nutrition:

8 oz. of water or unsweetened almond or coconut milk

4 scoops L.O.V.E( Live Organic Vegan energy)  This is one of the best meal replacements I have found. You will feel like a new person with this morning breakfast.

1 cup of fresh or frozen fruit   Mix in a blender and enjoy, you can add 1 tbsp of flax oil for added nutrition

A second choice would be:

8 oz. water, unsweetened almond, or coconut milk

1 scoop essante protein

1 cup of fresh or frozen fruit  Mix in a blender or magic bullet and enjoy

  • Inadequate Breathing:  as your stress gets worse, you tend to breathe shallow and your brain gets less oxygen which can affect memory and concentration. The Solution:  breathe deeper and slow down. take this time to regroup mentally and emotionally. Studies show even a short breather can reduce stress hormones.
  • No time For Recovery:  if your days are so over scheduled, you don't have time to recuperate from stress hormone overload; the result can be depression, carb cravings, and mental fogginess. The Solution: start to say no, and take more time for yourself, when you need it. Make time for fun and friends. It is important to nurture your friendships. My friends and I spent a lot of time exercising together. It is a great way to reduce stress get more physically fit at the same time. You can arrange walks, runs, or maybe a bike ride, you will be happy you did.
  • Constant Rushing:  this will prompt irritability and you may find yourself intolerant of the simplest dilemmas. The Solution: try to take a 10 min. break each day just to simply breathe. Try to reserve one day each week for rest, relaxation, and worship. This is very important, use this time to attend church and build a relationship with God. This will help bring more peace to your life. Stop negative self talk, be self supportive. Learn to say no if it is not good for you, and the activity would stretch you too far.


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